Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications (definition) — (1) The discipline of disseminating facts and concern amid extreme circumstances. (2) The practice of preparing and sharing factual information and relevant updates under pressure. (see also “crisis” planning): The creation, preferably in advance, of a plan about how to communicate effectively if or when a crisis occurs.

Crises can happen to the even the best managed companies. Yet many organizations are caught flat-footed when trouble strikes. We have years of crisis communications experience for major retailers, trade groups, government agencies, manufacturers and social service providers. We helped them dispel rumors, issue timely factual news releases, and prepare statements for their senior management that exuded confidence — and concern. Crisis communications is all about being prepared, and that’s what we’re prepared to do for you.

Content Strategies

Content Strategies (definition)— (1) Organizing statements, data, videos and images within a logical, cohesive and understandable framework. (2) The practice of conveying clear, comprehensive information about an entity or individual. (3)  The coordinated messages by which companies and organizations communicate to their targeted audiences or constituencies.

Is the online information about your organization or service doing its job? Or is your organization’s content — its advertising, marketing, social media, newsletters and other collateral — a confusing, jumbled mess, like mismatched socks? We can help you straighten things out with clear, agile and effective online content strategies, and then help you design coordinated messaging that puts your best foot forward.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications (definition) — (1) The strategy of aligning and coordinating promotional activities, including advertising, media buying, audience or customer research, around a central theme or message. (2) The process by which an entity’s raison d’etre — its brand — is disseminated across all media platforms. This can have applicability to  a corporation, a nonprofit organization, a school, a product or service, and an individual, or any number of other things.

Marketing begins with having a brand. We’ve helped companies large and small figure out their core identity — their “brand” — that engages customers across traditional media channels, online, and via mobile. We’ve also helped coordinate marketing campaigns with their close cousins, advertisers, to insure that messages are clear, to the point and attractive. Let us know how we can help you reach that elusive consumer with content that they actually want.

Media Relations

Media Relations (definition) — (1) The process of interaction between sources and reporters, editors, photographers and videographers, who typically work for accredited and recognizable media outlets. (2) Most often, the effort on the part of public relations representatives to cultivate journalists, bloggers, editors and others in the field of communications for the purpose of sharing positive information about clients or, on occasion, to prevent or deflect negative information. (See also “transparency”: — the dissemination of information in which sources are identified.

Just who or what is the “media” today? Traditional outlets have given way to mega-social media sites where news is tweeted, blogged or uploaded to YoutTube as eyewitness video shot from a smartphone. Traditional media firms are reinventing their product both online and in new publishing ventures. It’s a different media world, and if you’re like most companies, it would be helpful to have a guide. Let us show you the way.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies (definition) — (1) The organization of content for social media dissemination around a series of related, aligned messages or themes (2) The process by which blog posts, messages, profiles, updates and images on social media sites by corporations and other entities are planned and coordinated. (3) The practice of conversing online for the purpose of communicating with individuals in a way that is engaging and encourages disalogue.

Are you a consumer-facing company struggling in the increasingly crowded social media world? Perhaps you’re a newbie, just now ready to plunge in. We can help. We work in this space every day helping companies find their way in the digital social media marketplace. We’ll even show you how to tweet!